Trend Lines: Is the Construction Industry Progressing?

Those who take a great interest in the overall health of the construction industry may be wondering whether we are headed in the right direction. It is a legitimate concern, because there have been some stories regarding the industry that have not painted it in the greatest light.

For instance, we have heard about how many construction companies in the United States are unhappy at the amount of workers they are able to attract. It is never a good sign when big companies are wondering if they will be able to hire enough people to meet the demand of their customers.

And while those concerns are present, it is also true that many good things are happening to the industry. It appears that more contracts are available in the coming year, especially for bigger projects. And even the demand for residential projects is holding steady, which is very impressive.

What do all these things mean? If you have an asphalt paving company in Clarkston, it is likely that you will have a good next few years. You will have plenty of work from government and industrial contractors, while you should not be worried about the residential work that you are doing either.

We are interested in seeing how the proposed infrastructure program is going to play into everything. It is always a concern when you have such a huge promised plan, but there is no sign of it going into legislation. Many companies are worried that if the plan does not work out, there will be some consequences for the industry.

But the trend lines look good for the construction industry. Driveway paving companies in Clarkston and general contractors are doing very well. The demand for their services is up. And if they are able to resolve the issue with worker availability, then it would be an even better outlook!