Does My Driveway Need Replacing? A Quick Guide

Sometimes it can be hard to understand when you need to call it quits on your driveway. As a homeowner, there is a natural tendency to want to let your driveway stay in place for as long as you can. Even if you had the driveway installed 15 years ago, you will want to get a few more years out of it!

We have a guide that will help you understand when it is time to make a change.

Noticing Major Cracks?

If you have a concrete driveway and you are noticing some major cracks, you may need to make a change. It is important for you to understand that with concrete, major cracks are very expensive to repair. You will have to put in a lot of money just to get those cracks filled in. And even when they are filled, you will notice that you have these islands in your driveway that look a lot newer than everything else. It will create an aesthetic that you may not enjoy.

Is it Structurally Safe?

Maybe you have noticed that some areas of your driveway feel more solid than others. It is not just a crack, but the entire area that is feeling a little bit flimsy. We recommend that you contact a driveway paving contractor, like, so they can have a look at your driveway. They will be able to help you with this process. They can show you what type of damage is present and what will happen if you do not get it repaired.

An expert will give you an honest assessment. If they believe that repairs will sort out your issue, they will let you know. But if they tell you that it is time for a new driveway, we encourage you to take their advice.

New Driveways Are Affordable

Those homeowners who are worried about the amount of money they would need to spend on a new driveway should rest easy. Yes, it is going to cost you a fair amount of money. But new driveways are a lot cheaper now than in the past. Why? Because asphalt has become the most popular material.

You will contact an asphalt paving contractor in Clarkston who will give you a very reasonable quote for a new driveway. Asphalt is a better option for your driveway, as it retains its look and structural integrity better than concrete. It can still crack in the same way as concrete, but those cracks are a lot easier and cheaper to repair. And the annual maintenance for asphalt is minimal, which is very helpful for homeowners.

If you are unhappy with how your driveway looks, and you have begun to notice some very serious cracks, we believe that it is time for you to consider getting a new driveway installed.